Types of websites: choose the one that suits you

On the Internet there are many websites for each type of business or plan. The best recommendation we can give you is, if you are starting, that you do not make a website made by third parties or custom. Years ago that type of page was the only form of work and the costs were very high, so that no one could afford them.

But now, with Web Design Birmingham, web pages are made from within a "free" content manager. The good thing about these content managers is that they allow you to use a template design, which greatly lowers the project costs to be realized. The template designs that we talk about are premium and professional, they have the best design and functions that you can find in the market.

Websites for each specific need

  • Static pages: they are unique because they have a custom design according to the client's corporate image. The content is fixed and permanent, and contains no animations. These pages are ideal for a micro-business that does not have a presence on the Web.
  • Animated pages: these are websites that contain animations (in Flash), which make them more pleasing to the eye and colorful for visitors. They display the information quickly and efficiently. They are ideal for businesses that deal with fashion, aesthetics, medical services (doctors), clothing, spa, among others.
  • Web pages with content manager: these pages allow the client to edit the content, both images and texts, without prior technical knowledge. Particularly these pages so that anyone who knows how to use an email can use it to manage your website. They are ideal for companies that change inventory, offers permanently or companies that want to publish news, like Web Design Birmingham.
  • Websites with online store: are ideal for those who want an online storefront to sell their products. They are composed of a catalog of products and the integration to an online payment platform. These pages are intended for any company that wants to sell their products online and that has the ability to ship the products.
  • Web pages with applications: these sites are used to get more interaction from the users. They can bring features like: chats, forums, dynamic surveys, databases, communities, interactive maps and privileged users. They are ideal for medium and large companies that want to take advantage of new technologies.

Choose wisely your ideal site

It seems like a complicated question to answer but in reality you just have to put all the necessary data of your plan so that you can know which is the perfect site for you.